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Marking Products

Chemical Marking on your metal parts can be a great way to brand and label your products. Contact us to find out how easy you can do this on your weld cleaning machine. Other benefits include:

Durability: Chemical marking provides a long-lasting and permanent solution compared to stickers, which can easily peel off or wear out over time.

Resistance: Chemical marking can resist harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures, humidity, and exposure to chemicals, while stickers may be susceptible to damage or fading.

Security: Chemical marking cannot be easily removed or tampered with, making it a more secure solution for parts identification.

Flexibility: Chemical marking can be applied to almost any surface, including irregular or curved surfaces, and can be customized to include a variety of information, such as part numbers, logos, and serial numbers.

Cost-effective: Chemical marking is a more cost-effective solution over the long term, as it eliminates the need for frequent replacement or maintenance that stickers may require.

Non-intrusive: Chemical marking does not add any extra weight or thickness to parts, which can be crucial in applications where weight or size is a critical factor.

Traceability: Chemical marking can be used to create a unique identification for each part or QR code, which can be used to track the part throughout its lifecycle, aiding in quality control and supply chain management.

Regulatory compliance: Certain industries may require specific information to be marked on their parts to comply with regulatory requirements. Chemical marking can ensure that these requirements are met and help avoid any potential legal issues.

Aesthetics: Chemical marking can provide a cleaner, more professional look compared to stickers, which can often appear cluttered or messy. This can be particularly important in industries where appearance is crucial, such as automotive or aerospace.

Marking solutions to be used on any of our stainless steel weld cleaning systems on the brush/mark setting for the 1X50 or 2X80. The CW110 and CW200 can be used to chemically mark or etch.

For custom stencils, please contact us to get more information on our custom in-house stencil capabilities. Stencils can be produced quickly and can last 100’s of applications. Pricing depends on size and quantities. For quoting, please email artwork to [email protected]
Artwork must be scaled to actual size and be formatted in solid black and white colors, without any fading, transitions or different colors.