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staInless steel weld cleaning machines

Capital Weld Cleaner's stainless steel weld cleaning machines are made in the USA in Gilbert, Arizona.  CWC's machines are more durable and longer lasting than other brands.  We are competitively priced and the weld cleaning machines are always in stock and ship the same day.  Capital's machines offer metal fabricators (like us) a low cost/high quality solution to the weld cleaning dilemma. 

We feel that every shop whether small or large will benefit from the weld cleaning machine’s high quality components, unrivaled flexibility, and instant impact on shop efficiency. We understand the effects of a tough economy — shrinking profit margins are forcing fabrication shops to realize the value of efficient equipment. Shops must push products to completion; cutting, finishing, and polishing times have never been so critical. Using shop labor hours to manually remove burn/oxidation marks doesn’t help our bottom line – and it doesn’t help the finished product, either.  Eliminating wasteful labor costs by using the electro-chemical process made sense to us, and we think you’ll agree! 

Who we are

  • Most affordable, cost effective solution to cleaning welds - Capital's accessories and consumables are high quality products that are significantly priced much more affordably than anything out there. We also offer more options and products.

  • The only dual operator machine on the market - The 2X40 model enables two operators to get the bigger jobs done even faster. We are the only company to offer a DUAL weld cleaning machine.

  • Proprietary applicator pump gun option - Unique to Capital Weld Cleaners, gives the operator increased control over fluid usage, dramatically improves cleaning times, & is safer.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed, always in stock, & ships same day.

  • Capital Weld Cleaners process will achieve chemical passivation on stainless steel in accordance with ASTM A967 specification.

We are a manufacturer of weld cleaners focused on the end user experience. We offer a variety of different products to match your application. Focused on simplicity, ease of use, and dependability. We guarantee you will love it!

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