Contact Us To Find A Local Distributor

Contact Us To Find A Local Distributor

Stainless Steel
Weld Cleaning & Passivation That Takes Seconds

Ditch the abrasives and wasted hours of labor for a machine that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Instantly remove weld discoloration from your stainless steel welds.

The World’s Toughest Weld Cleaner
Proudly made in the U.S.A

Get the unbeatable quality and service you can expect from a 100% US-based company. Our products are manufactured and assembled in Gilbert, AZ.

Most Orders
Ship Same Day


2-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Most Powerful 
Machines in the Industry

Trusted By Brands Like:

  • logo-iws

    Industrial Welding Supply Inc.

    Sam Flande (Distributor)

    “IWSI has been very satisfied with the Capital Weld Cleaners. I have sold several of the 2x40 and a few 1x30 but just last month I sold a CW110 unit. Wow what a machine!!! I have a Freeze Dry plant in my area requiring the stainless to be cleaned and then cotton ball tested so no bacteria can hang up on any surface. This CW110 unit cleans & passivates the customers fabrications for this plant. They use these cleaners and are really pleased. We have good support from Capital Weld Cleaners.”

  • logo-rpm

    RPM Innovations, Inc.

    Jason Rhodes (Purchasing Mgr.)

    “We have been using Pickling Paste for a number of years to clean our stainless steel boxes… we recently decided to give the 2X40 a try and wish we would’ve “tried” it much sooner. It cut our weld cleaning time by 90%! …paid for itself the first time we used it!”

  • American International Mfg. Co.

    Sean D. (Production)

    “I can up the amperage on the CW110 to Blast through the Weld Cleaning on our 5X4 Stainless Steel Hoppers much faster than anything else! I like using the Pump Gun the most. It gives me a continuous cleaning option that helps getting the job done quicker. The 2X40 unit has the Dual User option and both units have exponentially increased our efficiency.”

  • NewFab, Inc.

    Dan Komulainen

    “We have owned the 2X40 weld cleaner for 2 years and love the quality and price.”

Accelerate Your Post-Processing

One of the most costly and time-consuming shop processes is manual weld cleaning and passivation. Outdated and hazardous methods like pickling paste extend the time it takes to process products to completion.

Capital Weld Cleaner’s electrochemical weld cleaning machines can double or even triple your post-processing speeds, saving you time, money, and sanity.

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Address: 425 E Germann Rd., Suite 102, Gilbert AZ 85297


The Industry’s Most Powerful Stainless Steel Weld Cleaning Machine

Our weld cleaning machines are engineered to be the most powerful, reliable, and innovative products in the industry. We oversee every step of the manufacturing and assembly process in-house, allowing us to provide quality that is unmatched by foreign competitors. To put it simply, we have the best machines at the best price.

All Machines Clean MIG & TIG Welds


Contact us for information on which machine would work best for your operation.


50 AMPS of cleaning power

2 power settings (brush & electrode)

Made in the USA



New flow-through threaded brush design

Clean longer without stopping to re-saturate the brush

Made in the USA



70 AMPS of cleaning power

3 Power settings ( brush, medium, high)

Made in the USA



110 AMPS of cleaning power

LCD screen with digital output readouts

Made in the USA



200 AMPS max output

Multiple brushes for larger cleaning area

Made in the USA



New Fluid Delivery System

High Productivity System for Any Machine

Made in the USA

Industries & Applications

Most Orders Ship In 24hrs

Fast Nationwide Shipping

Your Shop’s New Workhorse

With a focus on maximum performance, durability, and affordability, Capital Weld Cleaners stands behind the results you can count on from a 100% US-made product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed – you’ll never go back to abrasives.

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