Are you cleaning your Stainless Steel welds the old way?

It's time you try the fastest & most efficient Tig/Mig weld cleaning machine on the market!

High Quality

Capital Weld Cleaners has been a leader in custom stainless fabrication for quite some time. We understand what it takes to efficiently run a shop and produce high quality products. As a solution to one of our ongoing challenges, we eventually used our in-house expertise to create our weld cleaners.

Dependable & Efficient

With our one step process, within minutes you will have a perfect passivated finished product, ready to move on to the next task.

Cost & Labor saving

No more abrasive, no more excessive labor, no more headaches

Made in the USA

Our weld cleaning machines are made in the USA and competitively priced to the others.

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Why Capital's weld cleaning machines?

Our  stainless steel weld cleaning machines are made right here in the USA in Gilbert, Arizona.  Our machines are more durable and longer lasting than our competitors.  We are much more competitively priced and our weld cleaning machines ship the same day.  Our electro-chemical weld cleaners offer metal fabricators (like us) a low cost/high quality solution to the weld cleaning dilemma. Our unit’s flexibility satisfies the demands of small and large production shops alike. 

We feel that every shop will benefit from the 1X30 and 2X40’s high quality components, unrivaled flexibility, and instant impact on shop efficiency. We understand the effects of a tough economy — shrinking profit margins are forcing fabrication shops to realize the value of efficient processes equipment. Shops must push products to completion; cutting, finishing, and polishing times have never been so critical. Using shop labor hours to manually remove burn/ oxidation marks doesn’t help our bottom line – and it doesn’t help the finished product, either.  Eliminating wasteful labor costs by using the electro-chemical process made sense to us, and we think you’ll agree! Capital’s stainless steel weld cleaners were designed with you in mind. Our weld cleaning machines were designed by people in the industry who know what your challenges are. Step into the efficient shop you’ve been working towards.  Capital Weld Cleaners will help lead the way!

Industries & Applications:

Food & Beverage

Metal Fabrication


Kitchen Equipment & Appliances

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Transportation Equipment



Ship Building

Artisan & Craftsman


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