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Just finished up our railing job that we were using the 2X40 weld cleaner on. I must say that the machine did an amazing job on our product! I will admit I was skeptical at first because we had some bad experiences many years ago with a very expensive competitors machine. The machine was effortless to use and saved an unreal amount of labor on the job. The guys were really happy with being able to use both the pad and the brush at the same time and not having to always change the ends from one application to the next. Thank you for setting me up with what we needed to make this job go smoothly. I will definitely recommend this product to everyone I know in the industry! I’ll send you some pictures once we have the railing installed and 100% cleaned up.”

Daryl – Screen Services

“We have been using the 2×40 for over a year and figure it saves us on some products 20% cleaning time – structure and square tubing weld. But on a lot of our vessels – round and square bins, we save over 40% cleaning time. However what is even better is we do not have the stripes of different finish that the other methods have so the end product looks better. Our shop likes it as well because it takes less of a toll on them cleaning since they use a lot less muscle power. They can clean for longer periods and not lose efficiency. We tried using an “off brand” of cleaner with your unit and it did not work as well. We only buy the cleaners and pads from you as your product works so much better. I just helped you sell a unit to another company. Sent them your information and they have already tested it and are going to start using it in production in the next few weeks. We have recommended to several people we know and they have purchased and like the machines as well.”

Quintin Angus – Designer

“The Performance of this weld cleaner and solution is incredible. It has saved us a lot of man hours and that relates to money saved. Not only is it fast and easy, it cleans without scratching the metal. We fabricate a lot of polished S.S. fittings and specialty items that need to look nice and this weld cleaner helps us put out a quality product.”

Jon – Superintendent – Kinetics