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CWC’s Advantage

Industry Experience

We have been manufacturing weld cleaning machines for over 10 years and we’ve learned a lot during that time on how to produce a powerful but more importantly a reliable machine. Reliability can be overlooked a lot in today’s manufacturing world. In an age of over engineering things and making things more and more complex our philosophy is simple. Make machines that will hold up to the environment they are used in, and function reliably.

American Made

CWC’s machines are different from the rest in the industry as we use our own custom-built transformers to provide power to our process and are the backbone of our reliability. Transformers have been around for a long time and provide a long-term reliable design that can handle this process much more efficiently as they are not nearly as sensitive to current fluctuations as inverters tend to be.

With our solid steel housing and reliable transformer design, our machines can take the daily abuse that occur on a manufacturing floor. With more than enough power to clean stubborn TIG and MIG welds you’ll be able to get years of trouble-free service out of our machines. Our machines are made by us, quality controlled by us, all in the U.S.A. This means you’ll not only have the confidence of a well-engineered product; you will also have access to the support and supplies you’ll need from the same people who make the products.

Engineered for you, The Consumer

There are a lot of weld cleaning machines on the market today, while they may look flashy or have a lot of “options” are you getting a quality machine? Or are you just paying for a mediocre product that is bloated with features you will never use.

At Capital Weld Cleaners we focus on the entire cleaning process and how that relates to the customer experience and not “one-up-manship” or dazzle you with useless features. We have developed products that make the whole weld cleaning process easier. Some of these innovations we recently introduced are unique to Capital Weld Cleaners, like our NEUTRALIZING WIPES, which allow you to both neutralize the cleaning solution as well as verify the surface is in fact free of cleaning solution. Our Applicator Pump Gun has continued to be a favorite in speeding up the cleaning process and made it easier to use. We continue to find innovative ways to make this process more effective and easier to use.

Honest Marketing

Some competitors also talk about max amperage their machines can handle. There can be a large fluctuation with current in the weld cleaning process and carbon fiber brushes are very capable of handling a large amp draw. When cleaning is initiated there is typically a large surge of current that drops down as you begin to clean. Our machines are designed handle those fluctuations, but we don’t misleadingly market those peak amperage draws, we simply state what average output is continuously.

Consumables are another overlooked part of this process when deciding which machine to purchase and can either ease the weld cleaning/passivation process or cause continual frustration. Because we are not shipping product into the country you can benefit from lower consumable pricing and quicker shipping times. Cleaning solution is heavy and expensive to ship so why buy from a manufacturer that must first ship the product into the country before it is then shipped to you?

We not only produce the most cost-effective machine but produce the most reliable machines on the market with more than enough power to clean MIG welds. When deciding on which manufacturer to go with make sure you look at the entire process and the long-term cost of implementation.