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*NEW* Fluid Delivery System


The New Fluid Delivery System will revolutionize how stainless steel welds are cleaned.  Designed with high productivity in mind, it allows for cleaning without having to stop and dip the brush into the weld cleaning solution.  System includes a robust tank that will hold a full 2-1/2 gallon container of weld cleaning solution, allowing for hours of non-stop cleaning.  

The system operates with shop compressed air, with an optimal range of 3-5 psi.  This low pressure produces a safe and easy to use system that doesn't rely on pumps, motors, or moving parts, making it a low maintenance, highly productive system.

With the shop air connected to the tank and filled with cleaning solution, it is nothing more than squeezing the trigger which allows fluid to flow through the cleaning brush, allowing the operator to control the amount of fluid dispensed.  So depending on the part and position of the cleaning surface, the proper amount of fluid can be dispensed without excessive waste.  Other competitive systems have smaller reservoirs, are pumping constantly with brush contact, or are dependent on pumps that aren't very responsive. These situations add complexity to the system, which can lead to costly repairs, constant flow rate adjustments, and excessive solution usage. The FDS gives full control to the operator, allowing for fine adjustments in the tank pressure and exact fluid control at the gun to dispense fluid only when needed.

The FDS  accommodates multi-brush adapters when coupled with either a CW110 or CW200 machine.  So for large cleaning projects or large passivation projects this system can dramatically increase cleaning and passivation speeds.   

System Includes:

1 - 24' Wand assembly with advanced applicator gun.

1 - 2-1/2 gallon tank and regulator

1 - Multi-purpose cart

1 - Gun holder - cart mounted

1 - 2-pack of gun brushes (GB2T)

1 - 2 Brush adapter (For CW Series machines)

(Machine not included)

The Fluid Delivery System allows for constant, high productivity cleaning and can be coupled with any CWC machine.

Designed specifically for the CW Series of machines but is compatible with the 1X30 and 2X40 machines.  System can be upgraded to run 2 guns off of 1- 2X40 machine.  It can also accommodate 2 - 1X30 machines running off the same pressure tank.  System uses our Applicator gun flow through brushes.  

Brush Part #'s:

GB2T - 2-pack

GB5T - 5-pack

GB50T - 50-pack

GBL2T - 2-pack Large

GBL5T - 5-pack Large

GBL50T - 50-pack Large

This system can also be used with all cleaning solutions.

Gun holders can be purchased separately to mount to a work table or remote area.