We manufacture the fastest & most efficient stainless steel weld cleaning machines made in the USA.

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Why our machines are the best choice above competition:

Most affordable, cost effective solution to cleaning welds

We understand that shop owners are not only concerned about upfront machine costs but the long-term cost of implementing a new process. We not only offer the most efficient & affordable high quality machines and consumables. We offer the most affordable operating costs of any system on the market.

The only dual operator machine on the market

The 2X40 model enables two operators to clean simultaneously.

Rugged design.

From our steel housing to reliable custom-built transformer, you'll be able to get years of use without worrying about delicate circuit boards getting damaged or overloaded and carrying expensive repair costs.

Proprietary applicator pump gun option

Unique to Capital Weld Cleaners, gives the operator increased control over fluid usage, dramatically improves cleaning times, & and improves safety.

100% satisfaction guaranteed, always in stock, & ships same day

We are a manufacturer of weld cleaners focused on the end user experience. We offer a variety of different products to match your application. Focused on simplicity, ease of use, and dependability.

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Yes, the machines are designed to clean all heat generated oxidation – whether it comes from grinding, cutting, or any other process that generates heat.

Our machines are made with the end user in mind, so they are incredibly versatile.  We know that most of our customers weld and heat treat many different stainless steel parts so our wands are built with the ability to utilize either the extremely versatile weld cleaning brush or the electrode and sleeve.  The wand is designed to give the user an increased level of comfort with an ergonomic design and allow it to function in any position.  Our wands are made from a chemical resistant rubber, and the electrode is machined from a solid piece of stainless steel to prevent cross contamination. The 2X40 is the ONLY dual operator unit on the market.

 You don’t need to order anything else to get started.  The ordering of either machine will come complete with the weld cleaner unit which consists of:

  • (1) Wand & Cord Assembly
  • (1) Ground clamp-cable
  • (1) Standard electrode
  • (1) CB-5 Electrode Insulator Sleeve (5 pack)
  • (1) Quart of Weld Cleaning Solution
  • (1) Weld Cleaning Brush
  • (1) Pint of Weld Cleaner Neutralizer
  • (1) Owner’s Manual

Additional consumables and accessories can be purchased as needed.

What our customers say


Woohoo! Works great…you can keep my money, I am keeping the unit. We had a company wide show and tell to show them how well your product works. looking forward to keeping sales off my back about weld burns.


Director of Operations @ Econo Corp Inc.

The performance of this weld cleaner and solution is incredible. It has saved us a lot of man hours and that relates to money saved. Not only is it fast and easy, it cleans without scratching the metal.

We fabricate a lot of polished S.S. fittings and specialty items that need to look nice and this weld cleaner helps us put out a quality product.


Superintendent @ Kinetics - Scarborough, ME

We have been using the 2×40 for over a year and figure it saves us on some products 20% cleaning time – structure and square tubing weld. But on a lot of our vessels – round and square bins, we save over 40% cleaning time. Our shop likes it as well because it takes less of a toll on them cleaning since they use a lot less muscle power. They can clean for longer periods and not lose efficiency. We tried using an “off brand” of cleaner with your unit and it did not work as well. We only buy the cleaners and pads from you as your product works so much better. We have recommended to several people we know and they have purchased and like the machines as well.


Screen Services - Alberta, Canada