stainless steel pickling paste

Pickling Paste VS. Weld Cleaning Machine

stainless steel pickling paste
using pickling paste can be very hazardous to your health

Why use a weld cleaning system VS. pickling paste?

We get a lot of concern from potential customers and current ones about the safety of the entire weld cleaning process.  We wanted to take some time and explain the reasoning at to why our weld cleaning method is safer than using pickling paste.

People do not seem to understand why pickling paste is so harmful.  Pickling pastes are known carcinogens and are very unhealthy to the body as they contain nitric and hydrofluoric acids.  Hydrofluoric acid is a colorless liquid which can cause severely painful chemical burns when in contact with the skin.  When using pickling paste you must be covered in acid-resistant safety protective equipment and clothing as well.  When you use pickling paste to treat stainless steel you have to make sure you evenly apply, and workers often use much more of the paste than necessary in some areas.

Capital Weld Cleaners offers a much safer alternative stainless steel cleaning system that does not use pickling paste.  Not only is it safe, but it saves time for your workers and is super simple to use.  Our weld cleaning system cleans stainless steel surfaces at rates of 4-6 feet per minute.  We also have a great accessory, our applicator pump gun which controls the flow and output of the cleaning solution preventing waste.  The result of using our stainless steel weld cleaning machines are smooth, flawless-looking finishes on your stainless steel.   Our weld cleaning machines are made here in the USA and are the most affordable option on the market.  Our weld cleaning solutions are phosphorus-based and are very mild which reduce any risks to a minimum.  Since they are so mild they only require the use of very basic safety protective equipment.  Our solutions do not pose any of the same threat that pickling pastes do.

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