Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I know that it cleans marks left behind from welding, but will the Capital Weld Cleaner clean marks left behind during plasma and laser cutting?

A: Yes, the machines are designed to clean all heat generated oxidation – whether it comes from grinding, cutting, or any other process that generates heat.

Q: What makes the 2X40 and 1X30 different from other units on the market?

A: Our machines are made with the end user in mind, so they are incredibly versatile.  We know that most of our customers weld and heat treat many different stainless steel parts so our wands are built with the ability to utilize either the extremely versatile weld cleaning brush or the electrode and sleeve.  Having this option is a standard feature on your Capital Weld Cleaner; not an expensive upgrade.  The wand is designed to give the user an increased level of comfort with an ergonomic design and allow it to function in any position.  Our wands are made from a chemical resistant rubber, and the electrode is machined from a solid piece of stainless steel to prevent cross contamination.

Another fact to be aware of is the Capital Weld Cleaners machines are manufactured in Phoenix, AZ.  They are not a rebrand of someone else’s equipment and they are not imported.  Our singular focus is to build a high quality, highly effective, and competitively priced weld cleaning machine.

Q: What else do I need to order to get started?

A:  You don't need to order anything else to get started.  The ordering of either machine will come complete with the weld cleaner unit which consists of:

(1) Wand & Cord Assembly

(1) Ground clamp-cable

(1) Standard electrode

(1) CB-5 Electrode Insulator Sleeve (5 pack)

(1) Quart of Weld Cleaning Solution

(1) Weld Cleaning Brush

(1) Pint of Weld Cleaner Neutralizer

(1) Owner’s Manual

Additional consumables and accessories can be purchased as needed.