Insulator Sleeves

Part# CB5 (package of 5)

Electrode insulator sleeves

Part# CB50 (package of 50)

insulator sleeves

Part# CB100 (package of 100)

electrode sleeves

Weld Cleaning Solutions

Part# 1GWC (1 Gallon)

Part# 25GWC (2.5 Gallon)

Part# 55GWC (55 Gallon)

welding tip cleaner

Part# 1GWC-P (1 Gallon)

Part# 25GWC-P (2.5 Gallon)

Part# 55GWC-P (55 Gallon)



Part# 1GWC-EF (1 Gallon)

Part# 25GWC-EF (2.5 Gallon)

Part# 55GWC-EF (55 Gallon)


Weld Cleaning Brushes

Part# WCB2 (package of 2)

Part# WCB5 (package of 5)

reg brush

Large weld cleaning brushes

Part# WCBL2 (package of 2)

Part# WCBL5 (package of 5)

large brush

***Important Note:  The weld cleaning brushes need to be used only on machines that are configured for the brush. 2X40 models bought prior to March 2012 and 1x30 models prior to November 2012 may not be compatible.  

Call 480-967-0016 to see if your machine is compatible, and if not, we have very affordable upgrade options available. Please have your serial number available when you call.

High Temp. Insulator Sleeves

Part# CB5 HT (package of 5)

Part# CB25HT (package of 25)

Part# CB50HT (package of 50) 

stainless steel insulator sleeves

 Our high temperature sleeves are 3-4 times more durable and will give you longer life under correct operating procedures. Used mainly for MIG weld cleaning, they can also be used for TIG weld cleaning applications.

Weld Cleaning Neutralizer

Part# WCN632 (6 pack of 32 oz Spray Bottles)

Part# WCN25 (2 - 1/2 Gallon)

Part# WCN55 (55 Gallon Container)