Weld Cleaning Consumables

Weld Cleaning Solutions

Weld cleaning solution

Our standard weld cleaning solution is perfect for cleaning and passivating stainless steel welds.

  • Part# 1GWC (1 gallon)
  • Part# 25GWC (2.5 gallon)
  • Part# 55GWC (55 gallon)

Plus solution

Our Plus solution is great if you clean a lot of MIG welds.  The Plus is our strongest solution, so it cleans heavier, thicker, and dirtier MIG welds easily and efficiently. 

  • Part# 1GWC-P (1 gallon)
  • Part# 25GWC-P (2.5 gallon)
  • Part# 55GWC-P (55 gallon)

PH Neutral

Our PH Neutral ECO friendly solution is the perfect alternative to our standard cleaning solutions. It is great for parts and shops that need to eliminate the use of acid for any reason.

  • Part# 1GWC-EF(1 gallon)
  • Part# 25GWC-EF (2.5 gallon)
  • Part# 55GWC-EF (55 gallon)

Weld Cleaning Neutralizer

Weld cleaning neutralizer

Our neutralizer is the best way to ensure you are getting all of the cleaning solution off of your parts.  If you don't remove ALL of the cleaning solution, the chemical will continue working and can eventually etch and leave a white ghosting onto your part.  

  • Part# WCN632 (6 pack of 32 oz. spray bottles)
  • Part# WCN25 (2.5 gallon)
  • Part# WCN55 (55 gallon)
weld cleaning neutralizer

Neutralizing Wipes

These easy to use & effective wipes will neutralize CWC standard and plus welding cleaning solutions. The color indicator formula will turn from blue to yellow and/or pink in the presence of acid providing a fast and convenient way to neutralize and verify that the cleaning solutions have been properly neutralized. The wipe will not change color if no acid is present.

  • Part# NW-2 (2 containers of wipes)
  • Part# NW-6 (6 containers of wipes)

Weld Cleaning Brushes

*All brushes now manufactured with stainless steel cups for greater durability and longevity.

Weld cleaning brushes

  • Part# WCB2 (pack of 2)
  • Part# WCB5 (pack of 5)
large weld cleaning brush

Large weld cleaning brushes

  • Part# WCBL2 (pack of 2)
  • Part# WCBL5 (pack of 5)

Applicator pump gun brushes

New Threaded style

  • Part# GB2T (pack of 2)
  • Part# GB5T (pack of 5)
weld cleaning brushes

Large Applicator pump gun brushes

New Threaded Style

  • Part# GBL2T (pack of 2)
  • Part# GBL5T (pack of 5)

Insulator Sleeves

Electrode insulator sleeves

Insulator Sleeves (5 pack)

  • Part# CB5

Insulator Sleeves (50 pack)

  • Part# CB50
electrode sleeves

Insulator Sleeves (100 pack)

  • Part# CB100

High temp insulator sleeves

Our high temperature sleeves are 3-4 times more durable and will give you longer life under correct operating procedures. Used mainly for MIG weld cleaning, they can also be used for TIG weld cleaning applications.

  • Part# CB5HT (pack of 5)
  • Part# CB25HT (pack of 25)
  • Part# CB50HT (pack of 50)

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