Weld Cleaning Accessories

applicator pump gun

Part# APG

tig welding gun

The fastest, most efficient Stainless Steel MIG and TIG weld cleaner on the market just got more efficient.  Our Applicator Pump Gun accessory gives the operator increased control over fluid usage, duty cycle and safety.


  • Effectively cleans both MIG and TIG welds.
  • Electro-Chemical reaction does not alter the surface finish.
  • Dramatically improves cleaning times.
  • Increases operator safety.
  • Puts fluid only where you want it.
  • Compatible with standard, plus, and eco cleaning solutions.
  • Comes complete with two refillable bottles.
  • Gun mounted on/off switch.
  • Impact resistant & ergonomic grip.
  • Compatible with all CWC existing brush enabled machines.

Additional Wand Assembly

Part# 1WCA


Increase efficiency by adding another wand and cord to your 2X40. The 2X40 allows for simultaneous use of 2 separate wands - 12' cable

Wand Cable Extension

Part# 12WCE


12' wand cable extensions to increase your work area.

Capture Mats

Part# CMS (15"x18")
Part# CMM (30"x36")
Part# CML (60"x72")

Surface protector mat

Prevent cleaning solution from damaging the surface below your work space! This product captures the excess solution and neutralizer while you are working and is not a “clean up after the mess” product.

While it is a consumable item and easily disposed of and replaced, it can be used multiple times so it provides a great value.


  • Multi-use product
  • Collects excess cleaning, solution & neutralizer
  • Protective barrier prevents damage to work area/job site/floor surfaces
  • Does NOT leak through mat to surface
  • Easily disposable
  • Withstands the acid in cleaning solution
  • Indoor/Outdoor usage - easily weighted down if necessary
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Standard Electrode

Part# STE


Radius Electrode

Part# RDE


Ground Cable assembly

Part# 12GCA (12')


split ground cable assembly

Part# 2GCA (12' - two clamps)