Weld Cleaning Machine Accessories

Applicator Pump Gun

Part# APG

The fastest, most efficient MIG/TIG weld cleaner on the market just got more efficient. 

Our APG accessory give the operator increased control over fluid usage, duty cycle, & safety.

***Note when ordering replacement brushes for the APG these differ from the machine brushes.  


  • Dramatically improves cleaning times.
  • Increases operator safety.
  • Puts fluid only where you want it.
  • Compatible with standard, plus, and eco cleaning solutions.
  • Gun mounted on/off switch.
  • Impact resistant & ergonomic grip.
  • Compatible with all CWC existing brush enabled machines.

Additional wand assembly

Part# 1WCA (12′)

Part#25wca (25′)

Increase efficiency by adding another wand & cord to your 2X40.  The 2X40 allows for simultaneous use of 2 separate wands.

Additional wand assembly

Part# 12wce

12′ wand cable extensions to increase your work area.

Capture Mats

PART# CMS (15″ X 18″)
PART# CMM (30″ X 36″)
PART# CML (60″ X 72″)

Prevent cleaning solution from damaging the surface below your work space! This product captures the excess solution and neutralizer while you are working and is not a “clean up after the mess” product.

While it is a consumable item and easily disposed of and replaced, it can be used multiple times so it provides a great value.


  • Multi-use product
  • Collects excess cleaning, solution & neutralizer
  • Protective barrier prevents damage to work area/job site/floor surfaces
  • Does NOT leak through mat to surface
  • Easily disposable
  • Withstands the acid in cleaning solution
  • Indoor/Outdoor usage – easily weighted down if necessary


PART# 12GCA (12′)

weld cleaning accessories


PART# 2GCA (12′)


PART# 12GCE (12′)

Standard Electrode

Part# STE

Radius Electrode

Part# RDE

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