About Capital

The founders of Capital Weld Cleaners are stainless steel fabricators who understand what it takes to efficiently run a shop and produce high quality products. As a solution to one of the ongoing challenges, we used our in-house expertise to create Capital Weld Cleaners.

Our stainless steel passivating weld cleaners offer metal fabricators a low cost/high quality solution to the cleaning dilemma. Our unit’s flexibility satisfies the demands of small and large production shops alike. We feel that every shop will benefit from the 1X30 and 2X40’s high quality components, unrivaled flexibility, and instant impact on shop efficiency.

Eliminating wasteful labor costs by using the electro-chemical process made sense to us, and we think you’ll agree. Capital Weld Cleaners were designed with you in mind. They were designed by people in the industry who know what your challenges are. Step into the efficient shop you’ve been working towards.  Capital Weld Cleaners will help lead the way!