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The 1X30 is an electrochemical weld cleaner designed specifically for demanding work environments that effectively cleans weld discoloration, passivates and chemically marks on most metal surfaces.  Primarily designed to clean stainless steel welds but works effectively on aluminum.  The 1X30 is compact, easily portable and capable of all day cleaning.

The 1X30 delivers high-performance cleaning action to clean MIG, TIG, Spot welds, rust removal and any other heat induced discoloration.  It also passivates stainless steel in accordance with ASTM A967

This machine is suitable to all day everyday shop use and with the 110v input is easily portable for onsite cleaning.

This rugged machine with its 16ga housing can take the rigors of an active shop environment and has sufficient cooling to prevent overheating allowing for constant all day use.

There are many accessories available that are compatible with the 1X30, from cable extensions to the ability to run the applicator pump gun.   

Each machine is delivered with a starter kit of supplies and consumables:

1 12’ standard cleaning wand

1 12’ ground cable

1QT CWC regular weld cleaning solution

16 oz bottle of neutralizer

1 standard electrode

5 insulator sleeves

1 regular weld cleaning brush

1 dipping container

1 container of neutralizer wipes

User manual

Each machine includes our standard wand that accepts our regular and large weld cleaning brushes.  It is also compatible with the electrode insulator sleeves.

The 1X30 can also be used with the standard, ECO and Plus weld cleaning solutions. 

Every machine is built and tested in the U.S. and with its rugged design and over a decade of proven reliability the 1X30 is an invaluable asset in every shop.


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