Part # 2X40 Part # 1X30
The ordering of either machine will come complete with the weld cleaner unit, (1) Wand assembly, (1) Ground clamp-cable, (1) Standard electrode, (1) CB-5 Insulator sleeve pack, (1) Quart of cleaning solution, (1) Weld Cleaning Brush and (1) Pint of Weld Cleaner Neutralizer. Additional consumables and accessories can be purchased as needed.
  CB-5 Insulator Sleeves
Part #: CB-5
Package of 5
Insulator sleeves replace the need to wrap the wand electrode with fiberglass cloth. The sleeve slips easily onto the electrode, but is snug enough to remain in place during cleaning. Made from a durable material, the sleeve will last significantly longer than the fiberglass cloth.
  CB-50 Insulator Sleeves
Part #: CB-50
Bulk Package of 50
  CB-100 Insulator Sleeves
Part #: CB-100
Bulk Package of 100
  Electrode Insulator Sleeve (High Temperature)
Our New (HT) Capital Weld Cleaners High Temperature sleeves are 3-4 times more durable and will give you longer life under correct operating procedures. Used mainly for MIG weld cleaning, they can also be used for TIG weld cleaning applications.
Part #'s:
5 Pack - CB-5-HT
25 Pack - CB-25-HT
50 Pack - CB-50-HT
  NEW!! Walter replacement pads
Part #'s:
10 Pack - 10WCP
50 Pack - 50WCP
100 Pack - 100WCP

Now Walter Surfox users can take advantage of dramatic cost savings and more durable material. This breakthrough was successful due to the new high temperature material that is used to make our existing (-HT) sleeves. The CWC replacement pads (-WCP) for Walter Cleaning Pads will last at least 2 times and sometimes even longer. Testing done by CWC, as well as current Walter customers. These new replacement pads are designed to replace Walter Standard Pads: 54-B-026 and 54-B-040. Please call us at: 480-967-0016, to see how much money we can save you.
  Weld Cleaning Brushes
Part #: WCB-2
Package of 2

Part #: WCB-5
Package of 5
  Large Weld Cleaning Brushes
Part #: WCBL-2
Package of 2

Part #: WCBL-5
Package of 5
Important Note: The weld cleaning brushes need to be used only on machines that are configured for the brush. 2X40 models bought prior to March 2012 and 1x30 models prior to November 2012 may not be compatible. Call: 480-967-0016, to see if your machine is compatible, and if not, we have very affordable upgrade options available. Please have your serial number available when you call.
  Weld Cleaning Solution
Part #:
1 Gallon

Part #: 25GWC
2.5 Gallon

Part #: 55GWC
55 Gallon
Weld Cleaning Solution PLUS

An enhanced solution for more aggressive cleaning on MIG and TIG welds

Part #:
1 Gallon

Part #: 25GWC-P
2.5 Gallon

Part #:
55 Gallon

  NEW! Weld Cleaning Solution Eco-Friendly
A non-acid based cleaning solution that is easier to work with in sensitive areas and easier to ship.

PH Neutral
Part #:
1 Gallon

Part #:
2.5 gallon

Part #:
55 gallon

Capital Weld Cleaners Weld Cleaning Solutions can be a substitute for other weld cleaner manufacturers weld cleaning solutions. Please call us at: 480-967-0016, to see how much money we can save you.
  Weld Cleaning Neutralizer
Part # WCN632
6 pack of 32oz Spray Bottles

Part # WCN25
2-1/2 gallon

Part # WCN55
55 gallon Container
  Marking Electrolyte
Capital Weld Cleaners Weld Cleaning Neutralizer can be a substitute for other weld cleaner manufacturers neutralizer. Please call us at: 480-967-0016, to see how much money we can save you.
Both CWC machine models can mark images on your stainless steel parts. All that is needed is a stencil of the image to be marked, CWC Marking Solution, and set the machine to the Brush/Mark setting. Marking Solution comes in 12 oz. bottles.
Contact us about how to create your own stencils.
  Additional Wand Assembly
Part #: 1WCA
Increase efficiency by adding another wand and cord to your 2X40. The 2X40 allows for simultaneous use of 2 separate wands. Electrode purchased separately. 12' long.
  Standard Electrode
Part #: STE

Use this standard electrode for numerous applications including flat, curved, or corner surfaces.
  Radius Electrode
Part #: RDE

Use this rounded electrode for easy cleaning of tubing and pipe. Each electrode works interchangeably with the standard wand unit.
  Wand Cable Extension
Part #: 12WCE

12' Cable extensions to increase your work area.
  Ground Cable Extension
Part #: 12GCE

12' Cable extensions to increase your work area.
  Fiberglass Cloth
Part #: 50FC

2" x 50 yard roll of fiberglass cloth. To be used as an alternative to the CB-5 insulator sleeves.
  Now Offering Competitor’s Consumables Products

Contact us so we can show you how to increase productivity and save money when using a weld cleaner from another manufacturer.